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    Jessica Sharma

    Payment import

    It would be nice if could add the clients name to the excel. 

    Also, to be able to post payments using the name rather then an invoice number. We have clients who like to pre pay 

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    BI - Forum Moderator

    Hi Jessica, you can add payments to a client's balance through the payment import feature by entering the client's reference number or the bill-to party reference, so it is possible to upload pre-payments. Is that what you're looking for? See here for more information.

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    Dane Degrace


    The bulk payments feature, in theory, is a great tool to manage a single payor sending a large check covering multiple clients.  What I've noticed over the first few months of billing is that if there is a late approved and billed timesheet for a specific period, a full week for our agency, the total amount in the bulk payment column is actually the sum of multiple invoices. 

    If I create an invoice today for a period and then I have to rerun the billing period to capture unapproved visits, the initial invoice and now the late invoice in put together. 

    If the bulk payment screen had the capability to allow to you select certain invoices on a client to be paid, or have a field where you can enter the payment amount, that would be a huge help.  

    Secondly, if there was some logic on the screen to see the sum of what you're selecting - that would ensure the total payments you're attempting to apply matches what is on a check amount. 

    I have yet to be able to successfully use the bulk payment feature because we are a remote area with poor cell phone signal and still rely on paper documentation.  We have had to go into client profiles to apply payment for large payors (~50 clients) simply because of the issues stated above.

    The bulk payment import, which I just found this morning, seems like it is more aligned with my theory above. If you take the concept of the import and apply it to the bulk payment screen - I think this area would make a lot more sense. 

    Chris Czadzeck  Claire Boyer


    Thanks in advance!

    Dane DeGrace

    North Country Home Services, Inc. 

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