Data Exploration Improvements



  • Hi Regan, 

    We really appreciate your feedback on Data Exploration - so much so that we've just created a new forum topic for it! 

    Now you and other members of the forum are all set to get the discussion going about Data Exploration. We're looking forward to hearing more from you!

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    Emily Hope

    Just adding on to this post to agree with setting the default date to the current date for filtering date ranges instead of 1985.  

    • I would also like to suggest making DE report in real time, instead on based on data from the previous day.  This will allow us to generate lists and reports that are based on the most up to date data.  
    • Also I would like the ability for end users to be able to edit DE reports so they can change filters, etc. however I would like an ACL that I can restrict them from saving and deleting reports.  At the moment it's all or nothing and we have had many custom reports deleted :(
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