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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi all,

    I wanted to circle back to let you know that we have major improvements coming to the medication module on both the web and app later this year (I believe web will roll out first with app coming very shortly thereafter) with much more robust functionality and improvements to clinician's workflows. Emily Wiechmann I believe this will solve your problem but please do keep an eye out in our What's New section for more information in the coming weeks.



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  • Thanks for your feedback, Emily! We will be implementing several changes to how medication is handled within our mobile app in the coming months, which may resolve this issue. In the meantime, we will make sure your feedback is conveyed to our product team for consideration in our upcoming improvements. 

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    Robyn Phillips

    Additionally to the above comment. We would like there to be a forced toggle to the medication section in the app. As of current, if you link the service task to the medication, staff can still clock out of a client without having to record the medication administration or refusal in the medication section. It would be helpful if we can create this service task to force an acknowledgement in the medication section on the app before they can clock out. 

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  • Hi Robyn, a good point. I'll relay it to the Product team for consideration.

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