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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi all,

    I wanted to close the loop on this older post so everyone is up to date. 

    The scope of the mobile redesign has changed to include a lot more background improvements which should greatly enhance the user experience of the app. I don't have an exact date on this but please follow our What's New section where we'll make announcements further down the line. 

    To the specific point about scheduling from the app, this is definitely something that's on the team's radar but is not yet on the roadmap. Once the redesign is complete, this will be reevaluated by the team.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us this feedback!


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  • Hi Paulette, 

    These are great suggestions! Our team is currently looking into revamping the mobile app and its functionalities, so we will make sure your feedback is conveyed to them to help in the redesign process. 

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    Donita Marshall

    It would be nice to view more then one day at a time on the app.  Our last scheduling system we could view our shifts all on one page.  It was much handier.

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  • Hi Donita, 

    Thanks for your feedback! We will convey this to our team for consideration in the mobile redesign. 

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