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  • Hello Avery, 

    These are great examples and suggestions! We've transmitted this feedback to our team and will keep you updated on any developments. 

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    Brett Schuck

    Angela Famiglietti - Forum Moderator
    Hey Angela,

    I was going to open another post but this seems like a fitting post to add to. I believe another opportunity for offers is the option to close an offer without Assigning an employee to it. This recently came up because we noticed that cancelling the vacant shift does not actually pull the offer. So those who were sent the offer can still accept it, only to find out it is cancelled. 

    We have found two valid workarounds, but both have their downsides: 
    1. Adjust expiration date on visit to 1 min in the future-- the downside here is that the offer needs to be re-sent in order for the change to take affect
    2. Assign the shift to some placeholder employee in order to pull it from other employee's offers-- downside here would just be that it isn't very intuitive. 

    Ideally, we would love the option to just close an offer, with no assignee. Also I think it would make logical sense to just cancel or close an offer when the associated shift is cancelled. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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    BI - Forum Moderator

    Hi Brett, I agree that's a pretty logical ask to deal with that sort of situation. I'll bring that back to the product team. Thanks!

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