Double Booking Employees




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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi Julia McGinley,

    Welcome to the community! Jenny Crotty is absolutely right. There is a Service Code called "Visits Can Overlap" and if this is checked off, it would disable the overlapping visit warning. When this Service Code is disabled, you would receive a warning that looks like this:

    If you confirm, then the original visit would be made vacant.

    I think the best course of action is to have your system admin check whether or not this Service Code has been enabled. You can find more about that process here



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    Jenny Crotty

    Hey Julia, in my organisation we need to schedule our employees with services that will overlap so we use a setting in the Service Code set up called "Visits Can Overlap" that we have ticked to allow that to occur.  I am assuming though that a warning would appear if the Service did not allow overlapping visits, however I think (from memory) that the first visit is made Vacant when a second visit is scheduled that would overlap.  I hope that helps.



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    Julia McGinley

    Jenny and Alex -

    Thank you! I believe we have that particular option turned off at this time because we have employees that work two clients at once (twins). I'll talk with my administrator and see if we'll be able to turn that on without impacting those twin shifts. Thank you again!

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