Row Limits - Will they be increased?




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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi Mary McMullen,

    I wanted to loop back to you on this question. The DE 2.0 FAQ page was recently updated and there is information about row limits there. For reference:

    Is it possible to increase the default number of rows from 500? I want to see all my data at once.

    The default number of rows is set to 500 rows to ensure that the speed and performance of Data Exploration are not negatively impacted. To view the full dataset, you should download your data and select All Results as the Limit. You will then be able to see all the results of your query in the format you selected.  

    Hopefully this helps clarify.


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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi Mary,

    We're doing some reorganizing of the DE 2.0 community now that it's out of beta but I wanted to let you know that we've seen your post and will get back to you soon with an answer!


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