Ability to apply premium rules to statutory holidays



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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi Avery,

    Are you currently using time specific bill rates? You can use these on the relevant bill codes for private pay funders and set time specific rates i.e., a higher rate on the weekends/stat holidays etc. 
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    Avery Hamilton

    Hello Alexandra,

    By time specific bill rates, do you mean "premiums" found under Accounting settings? 

    If so, we are currently using time specific premiums for weekend shifts and those work great. from 12am Saturday morning to 12am Monday morning we are able to bill a higher hourly rate. 

    However, as far as I can see we cannot use time specific premiums for stat holidays. It looks like we cannot select specific DATES with time specific premiums, but instead we have to select days of the week. This won't help to apply rules to stat holidays. 

    Currently we are using the Holiday Groups. All shifts that START on a holiday are billed/paid at time and a half. However, that does not work for overnight shifts. That is why I am manually splitting them. If there is a better way to do this I would be very open to it!

    * I did bring up this request 2 years ago - ID # 15753 if that is helpful to refer to. 

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