Multi discipline service and discharging clients for clinician case load and capacity management



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    Jan Barton

    Melissa Jones We are also an allied health provider this is how we manage caseloads. Not sure if it will help exactly but might give you some ideas.

    Clinicians are assigned as primary employee under the service and added as an associated employee. 

    When the service is discharged (service status is changed to discharge but overall client status remains active), we (admin) remove the clinician from associated employee. This removes the client from the clinician's client list (their caseload). It also removes their access to the client.

    On the back office side to run caseloads to assess for capacity/flow etc. we use the service explore and primary employee field (not associated employee), then filter out discharged services. This will give you an accurate caseload for each clinician.

    We never use associated employee in any of our DE reports because it's less accurate (example other clinicians could be added as associated employee to have access to the file temporarily, ADP authorizer, vacation coverage etc.). Basically our use of Associated employee is to grant access to a client file not related to caseload management. From the clinician's perspective this works because the client list they see should only be the active/hold clients (barring any administrative errors where people forget to remove clinicians from the associated employee list).

    We keep all clients as active for their overall client status as they can return to service multiple times, so we never discharge (just dc the individual services).

    This doesn't exactly help with continuity though but if your current process is to check the associated employee list to see who was previously assigned, you could also check the primary employee assignment from the previous services.

    Feel free to reach out we've created some "fun" DE dashboards for caseload management I can share.


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    Alexandra Dunne

    Hi Melissa Jones 

    Thank you for the detailed! The more detail the better, honestly. It really helps our team understand the use case. I will for sure take this back to the team for their consideration.

    Thanks also to Jan Barton for providing your input and some ways you and your agency have managed this problem. We absolutely love seeing how different agencies manage their workflows! 

    All the best,


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